Registration mechanics

    Using Firefox, please log in to www.sabongnow.com and go to the register tab and create an account using your email address.
    Activate your account by clicking on the link that you will receive on the email address you provided.
    Log in now to your account with your username and password. You will be asked to type in a security question that will help you in case you lose or forget your username and password. Please take note that you will receive two(2) email confirmations containing your username and password and your security questions.
    Once logged in, you can now start navigating in www.sabongnow.com.

Loading your Account

   Loading can be done in two(2) ways:

    1.  Bank Transfers
    1.1  Email csupport@sabongnow.com for bank details

    2.  Western Union
    2.1   Go to the nearest Western Union branch and do the the deposit in US$.
    2.2   Email the MTCN #, Sender name, Recepients name and amount to csupport@sabongnow.com
    2.3   Wait response or you can call the toll free number


    Send email to csupport@sabongnow.com


Every winning will be charged with a 10% plazada.

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