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    A N N O U N C E M E N T S :
    No Pay-out, No Loading Policy: (Effective June 06, 2014)
  • Western Union Transactions: All transactions received, verified and cleared from 9am-9pm* will be processed and loaded.
  • ML and CL Transactions: Verification, processing and clearing of loads will be from 9am-5pm* only.
  • Paypal and Smart Money Transactions: Cleared and Verified Transactions will be processed and credited as long as there are figths.
  • Bank Deposits will be credited as soon as your transactions shows up on our online banking acccounts.
  • Transactions received beyond the cut off time (* Phil Standard Time) will be processed and verified the next fight day.


      September 2014
    • Sept 25 Thu - Pasig - 3-Stag Derby By: VBB & MSK or
    • Sept 25 Thu - Sta. Monica - 3-Stag Open Derby By: QC Ladies Foundation (which ever has more fights)
    • Sept 27 Sat - Sta. Monica - 9-Stag Derby Barkadahan Cup 2014 (2-Stag Elims) or
    • Sept 27 Sat - Pasig - 3-Hits Super Ulutan By: Dyland Castillo & VBB (which ever has more fights)